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It’s Friday and Memorial Weekend is kicking off in a few hours. But before you run off to the beach or indulge in endless weekend happy hours, we’re giving you one last day to check out one of the country’s hottest radio concerts. Today we’re taking it to Houston for 97.9 The Box’s Hip-Hop 4 Health concert going down June 8. “Hip-Hop 4 Health is a one-day event that uses the power of 97.9 The Box to highlight health and wellness for families. Houston continues to be named as one the unhealthiest cities in America, and we’d like to bring the community together to inspire each other to adopt healthier lifestyles.” So get ready to party it up with Ludacris, Big Daddy Kane and more while learning how to get fit and be healthy. And if you’re still not convinced, check out 97.9 The Box Program Director Terri Thomas’s top five reasons to bob your head with  Hip-Hop 4 Health.

1. Get In The Know

Obesity [and] poor health is an epidemic in Houston for both adults and children. We are continually being recognized as one of the most unhealthy or fattest cities in the nation for adults and children (note: recent Men’s Health magazine ranking).
Reason 2: Expand Your Life

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