50 Cent’s Den Of Thieves: “This Is Grand Theft Auto V Made Into A Heist-Heavy Movie!”

Den of Thieves

Do you need a reason to get out? Tired of seeing the same flicks? Want to watch an action-packed thrill ride?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get out to see 50 Cent’s Den of Thieves movie went it explodes onto theaters nationwide Friday, January 19! [Make sure to read each reason and check out an early screening in select cities!]

Reason 1: Action-Packed Craziness

The first reason you should go see 50 Cent‘s Den of Thieves movie Friday, January 19 is because it looks jam-packed with action. Just the trailer alone looks like it’s going to have you on a thrill ride from the opening scene through the end credits. If you’re a big fan of heists and crime flicks, this is going to be your go-to movie before all of the superhero flicks pour into theaters next month. This is Grand Theft Auto V made into a heist-heavy movie! If you like to see bad guys versus bad guys, this is your go-to movie.

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