DJ Drama & Young Money Yawn’s “Street Gospel 2” Mixtape – “It’s More Than Just Trapping & Rapping”



Is your music playlist still stuck in 2014? Tired of hearing the same music? Need something new, fresh and gritty for 2015?

Today, check out music newcomer Young Money Yawn’s top five reasons his new ‘Street Gospel 2’ mixtape is a must-download! [Make sure to read each reason to download your own copy today!]

Reason 1: Reality Raps

The first reason “Street Gospel 2” should be downloaded is because it’s reality music. A lot of rappers categorize themselves as trap music or different types of music but I categorize mine as reality music. Every bar and every song is based on real life. It’s music you can relate to. I think for the most part, that’s why you should download the mixtape.

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Reason 2: Young N Reckless

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