WWE 2K17: “Finally Pit Brock Lesnar Against Goldberg!”



Are you bored with your video game stash? Tired of the same titles? Want to spice things up a bit with the help of 2K?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy 2K’s long-awaited WWE 2K17 video game for your favorite video game platform! [Check out each reason to enter to win your own Captain America: Civil War Digital HD!]

Reason 1: The Backstage Brawls

The first reason you should buy 2K’s new WWE 2K17 video game is because the backstage brawls you fell in love with in the WWE play a huge role in the fun factor this year. While WWE 2K16 delivered blows to its video game competition, 2K17 is a whole ‘nother level of craziness as the in-ring chaos goes all the way to the backstage. Whether it’s having Dean Ambrose put you to sleep with a trash can or cover boy Brock Lesnar grabbing the closest thing around to punch your ticket to Suplex City. The choice is yours and brings an intense element to your gameplay.

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