Witti Design’s NOTTI – “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & All Your Fave Social Media Apps Will Now Light Up Your Life!”

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Tired of over-sleeping? Do you need to be alerted by more than a Push Notification? Want to light up your life?

Today, check out the top five reasons you have to buy Witti Design’s new NOTTI right now! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own NOTTI!]

Reason 1: Get Alerted

Notti Alerts

The first reason you should buy Witti Design’s NOTTI device is because of how much of a life-saver this is! This isn’t just a little alert system, it’s a full-blown life organizer. Sometimes you can’t help but get overwhelmed by dings and whistles from your phone, well NOTTI makes life that much easier for you by giving you light-based alerts. Anything and everything you want, you’re covered. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all your favorite social media apps will now light up your life! Just look at the picture above, every dope social media app is covered, so whether you are getting an Instagram like or new Twitter follower, you’ll be alerted by NOTTI! [Buy your Notti right here!]

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Reason 2: Step It Up

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