Nick Cannon’s “White People Party Music” – “Two Words…Connor Smallnut”

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White People Party Music - Nick Cannon

Busy with his babies, Mariah and Wild N Out, Nick Cannon has been out of the music scene for some time. Now with his first release in 11 years Cannon brings us a record with a crazy, comical spin titled White People Party Music.

Today, Nick Cannon gives you his top 5 reasons why White People Party Music is most definitely worth copping!

Reason 1: A Track About OJ Simpson?!

I have a song called OJ Simpson that is sure to stir up some talking! [Keep reading to win your copy!]

Reason 2: It’s ALL About Having Fun!


  1. D_Ably

    Its wierd cause Nicks always struck me as white anyway. I can’t imagine him knowin anything about Black People Party Music lmao

    1. Skyy Yvonne

      Then by your admission Nick Cannon is the greatest actors of all time since he can make you believe he is white DISPITE what your eyes see. ROFL not trollin’ just think your post was Hil lary ass, in fact still have the giggles! <3 Kind of like the song tho…has a certain ring…I REMEMBER all those things!!!!

  2. b_b

    Let that go the other way and see how the world would react…?? Like NBA ruling on sterling (his comments were horrible and pathetic) but even so what happened to “freedom of speech” all this social media crap has gotten way out of hand. Maybe he should just use “comedy” as his defense. Cause to me this album title alone is offensive

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