Vado’s Sinatra 2 Mixtape: “Lloyd Banks Returns For Vado’s Hard-Hitting Release”


Vado Sinatra 2

Tired of hearing the same tunes? Need to get turned up? Gotta have some New York sounds in your stash?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should download/stream Vado’s Sinatra 2 mixtape! [Make sure to read each reason and listen to it for yourself!]

Reason 1: Harlem On The Rise

The first reason you should download/stream Vado’s new Sinatra 2 mixtape is because it’s Harlem from start to finish. While we know Vado’s a New York rapper, he’s represented the Harlem sound from the start of his career. With A$AP Mob leading the pack, this is another example of Harlem greatness.

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