Hot Boy Turk’s ‘Reflamed’ – “The Streets Need That Medicine – I Gave Them That Gangsta S**t”

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Are you ready for the weekend? Need some new music to get turned up on? It’s time to hook your music playlist up right now!

Today, check out former Cash Money Records member Turk’s top five reasons you need to download his new Reflamed mixtape immediately!

1. Respect The Title

You gotta get the mixtape just because of the name, Reflamed. It’s just the anticipation of a Hot Boy coming from an eight year, eight month, sixteen day bid. It’s just bouncing back. The title itself, Reflamed, you need to see what I’m talking about.

2. It’s Hot, Boy

The second biggest reason is because it’s Hot Boy Turk. If you’re a Hot Boy Turk fan and you’ve been rolling and rocking with me since day one, you’re gonna support that.

3. 1,000 Degreez

The third reason is because I’m keeping it so 1,000. I’m taking it back to the roots. I got away from the commercial. The streets need that medicine. I gave them that crack. I gave them that gangsta sh*t. If you’ve been missing that, then go get a fix.

4. The Indie Shuffle

The fourth reason is because of how I put it down for the independents. Look at my grind. I started off from nothing and I just want to be inspirational and show people they can do it as long as they put their mind to it. This is my third mixtape and to be on my third and home for a year and six months, d*mn, I got something you need to listen to.

5. The Bottom Line

The last reason is because this is that sh*t. This is self-explanatory. This is the lead-up to the actual album, Mission Possible, which is dropping on Cinco De Mayo. Y’all are gonna get a snippet of who Turk is and my life. Everybody can relate to this.



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