Tronical: TronicalTune: “Join The Guitar Craze Lil Wayne & B.o.B. Have Made So Popular”



Let’s face it, you know it’s too cold to go outside. With the winter weather still in full effect, it’s time to try something different. Today, check out the top five reasons you need to get down with Tronical’s TronicalTune!

It’s time to put your guitar skills to the test. Check out the top five reasons you need to get your hands on a retrofit robotuning device that’ll tune your guitar in seconds!

1. Push It


Speed winds your strings and tunes your guitar in seconds with a push of a button and strum of the strings. It’s too cold to go outside, so stay in and try to up your guitar-playing skills with this enhancer.

2. Play On


Various tuning modes including multi-string and single-string with up to 18 tuning presets. Whatever style you get down with, the TronicalTune has you covered. There’s no tune you can’t play with this.

3. Time Is Money


Requires no modifications or alterations to your instrument and installs in under 10 minutes. Time is money and with installation only taking you minutes, you’re sure to be a guitar star in no time.

4. Join The Craze


Over the course of use, TronicalTune grows accustomed to your guitar by tracking overtones and adjusts tuning accordingly. Join the guitar craze Lil Wayne and B.o.B. have made so popular.

5. Rock On


Perfect for home, studio or live performances. Compatible with hundreds of electric and acoustic guitar models. No matter the situation, TronicalTune will let you set the stage in any situation. Rock on.


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