Taraji P. Henson’s Proud Mary On Blu-ray/DVD: “Mary’s Got Flippin’ Style!”



Hollywood heavyweight Taraji P. Henson apparently has some bad ass in her system as she takes on the lead role in Proud Mary. She’s already a stunner, but who would have picked her to be the next edition of Foxy Brown?

Proud Mary takes on the role of assassin in the criminal underground of Boston – that couldn’t possibly spell trouble could it? Of course it does. Here are five reasons you should add this to your DVD and Blu-ray stash when it officially arrives Tuesday, April 10.

Reason 1: Taraji P. Henson

Aside from how beautiful she is, she took some lessons from Charleze Theron on how to be beautiful and DEADLY! We’ve come along way from Baby Boy, and she’s showcasing her talents as a bad ass. She takes her role as the assassin done wrong to new heights as she seeks her form of vengeance. If you remember her role in Smokin’ Aces, but takes it to a new level as not just a sharpshooter. She showcases how hard she worked to get this role as Mary. I enjoyed and appreciated her in this one and she may have opened the door for another opportunity to get another similar role.

[Proud Mary pays homage to some of the most legendary Hollywood characters…]

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