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DJ Kay Slay – The Last Champion


The Drama King is back on a roll with a treat for the hardcore fans out there before the release of his album “Rhyme Or Die”. This is Kay Slay’s first official street drop since his last banger “The Changing Of The Guards”. The deejay and entrepreneur has provided a excellent platform for ill emcees across the country and continues to be a trendsetter for the game.

Here are the SOHH.com 5 Reasons to download “The Last Champion”

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Tony Touch – The Piece Maker 3


In terms of having a legit impactful legacy in Hip Hop, Tony Touch has a resume that trumps most. He is revered for his outstanding work as a deejay and his significant additions to the culture have spanned over nearly four decades. True to the essence of the genre and well versed as a producer and a wordsmith as well, not too many people could get fifty different artists together for a project of this magnitude. The talent pool on this release is simply incredible from the production to the lyrics as well.

Here are the SOHH.com 5 Reasons to download “The Piece Maker 3 (Return Of The 50 MCs)
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Nacirema Dream - Featured

The Nacirema Dream

Nacirema Dream - 1
The self-proclaimed King of New York is back at it, running the streets of the city that doesn’t sleep with the release of his new album, The Nacirema Dream. Giving fans the chance to see the truth inside the “dream” so many are blinded by, Papoose teamed up with some of hip-hop’s most celebrated artists to tell a story many people have never heard. Ready for some good music in your life? Check out Pap’s top five reasons to buy The Nacirema Dream.
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