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Profound Aesthetic Academy

Profound Aesthetic - 1
There’s only a couple days left in SOHH’s Spring Travel & Fashion Guide, and you know we’re gonna go out with a bang. As you search for those last minute items to pack up before you head across the Atlantic the Fairmont Monte Carlo in the South of France, there’s one brand you can’t forget at home—Profound Aesthetic Academy. Loved for its versatile look and uncanny ability to pick up the ladies, PA will get you noticed the second you step of the plane. So if you’re looking for the best in universal fashion, check out Profound Aesthetic Academy’s top five reasons to buy their versatile style.

While you’re rocking your PA apparel, The Smart Flyer travel expert, Kamala Cummings, wouldn’t let you wear your best ensemble without having the right place to go. For the days you choose to rock Profound Aesthetic, Kamala recommends taking the Cannes and Antibes Half-DayProfound Aesthetic - Tour Trip From Monaco. It’s a private tour that will allow you to “discover the beautiful coastal towns of Cannes and Antibes on this private morning or afternoon trip from Monaco. Your private driver will take you along the stunning French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) to the charming resort town of Antibes. Admire impressive Billionaire’s Quay, a famous harbor home to some of the world’s largest yachts.” So get ready to explore while you stay fresh in Profound Aesthetic.
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Makia - 1

For the past week and a half, SOHH has brought you the best in clothing, shoes and accessories as we prepare our readers for the best summer vacation we can offer: a trip to the South of France to stay at the Fairmont Monte Carlo—and we’re not gonna stop the good times from coming now. Today, we’re giving readers the best fashion Finland has to offer—T-shirts, shoes, jackets and more—coming to you from none other than Makia. So if you’re looking for the perfect brand that has everything you need in one place, check out Makia’s top five reasons to purchase their “quality brand.”

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Orchill - Featured


Orchill - 1

When it comes to fashion, accessories are everything; and when it comes to traveling overseas, the right travel accoutrements make all the difference when wanting to get noticed for your style. As you pack your bags for Monte Carlo for SOHH’s Spring Travel & Fashion Guide, we’re giving you the chance to travel in style the right way with Orchill, the premiere accessory brand for men. With 10 different wallet selections and backpacks to match, Orchill is the must-have brand to help you get your things across the Atlantic. Before you’re wheels up, check out co-founder Frankie’s top five reasons to purchase Orchill. Continue reading

Weekend Offender - Featured

Weekend Offender

Weekend Offender - 1
It’s Monday and SOHH is starting your week off right as we continue our Spring Travel & Fashion Guide, giving you the chance to experience the South of France at the Fairmont Monte Carlo—compliments of The Smart Flyer travel expert Kamala Cummings. Today is the start of a new week, so we know weekends come and go, but when you have Weekend Offender in your closet it gives you so many reasons to look forward to letting loose in another five days. “Across the UK – in the pubs, in the clubs, and at the football matches (soccer, that is) – Weekend Offender has become a go-to brand for fashionable lads.” So if you’re ready to step out and take over the fashion world as you make your way overseas this summer, check out Weekend Offender’s top five reason to purchase their “functional-yet-refined [apparel] with an insubordinate twist.”
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Solewood - Featured


Solewood - 1
The week is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean SOHH’s Spring Travel & Fashion Guide is over. Today we’re helping readers make a pit stop in Miami before heading to the South of France this summer. Every traveler needs the perfect pair of sunglasses and accessories to match, so we’re giving you all a chance to stock up on Solewood before you hit the airport. Solewood is the latest lifestyle brand to hit the streets of South Beach, and it offers every accessory you can think of…and it’s all made with wood. So if you’re ready to show everyone at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, in the South of France, fashion’s next trend, check out Solewood’s top five reasons to buy their top-notch accessories. And don’t worry, Pinocchio doesn’t live in their parts because everything the offer is 100% real!

As you stroll around the beautiful city of Monte Carlo and stroll along the edges of the MediterrSolewood - Yacht Clubanean Sea, The Smart Flyer travel expert, Kamala Cummings, suggests you take a day to visit Camper & Nicholsons International, the premiere luxury yachting experience located in an elegant marina. With unforgettable sunsets and amazing night lighting along the water, no reader of ours will want to go another day without the moments Camper & Nicholsons International holds.
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