Live From SXSW – Sy Ari Da Kid: “I Haven’t Seen Anyone Do This Since Lil Wayne Or 2Pac”

Sy ari da kid

It’s South By Southwest Week on getFRUSH/SOHH! In honor of this week’s non-stop music festivities going down in Austin, Texas, we’re bringing you the hottest acts performing at the biggest festival of the year.

Today, Popular Demand and SOHH/getFRUSH present… Atlanta’s Sy Ari Da Kid giving you his top five reasons he’s worth checking out!

1. Number One

One main reason you should check me out is because my main campaign is I feel like I’m one of the best indepedent artists not just in Atlanta right now but I feel like I’m the most talented independent artist in the hip-hop game. I put myself up at the top as the best as far as my music goes. I feel like I’m the biggest indie artist out. Period.

2. Qualty Sy Music

I feel like I give people 100 percent of who I am. It’s just the quantity and quality of music. I’ve put out more music than any other indie artist and probably the ones in the majors. I’ve put out more music than anyone. I haven’t seen anyone do this since Lil Wayne or 2Pac, putting out more indie music in the game. You get a lot of music just following my campaign. I put out freestyles, I do features, I’ve got over 20 mixtapes out. The quality and quantity is enough to check me out.

3. Showtime

I think I have one of the best shows. They really stand out. My performance really separates me from all of the other artists. I always put together a set. I talk to the fans and I end up with the climax of it. I think my shows and actual performance is something to see. I always aim for the new fans instead of the ones that have always listened to me. My show set is really killing other artists and that’s without backup dancers or fire coming out.

4. Hustle Hard

One thing you should know about is my work ethic. I don’t write. I pretty much just go into the booth and pretty much do everything off my head. When I’m in the studio, which is literally every day, it’s inspiring to everyone. I take my craft serious. Never feel comfortable with where you’re at. I motivate people.

5. Coming Soon

I’m getting ready to drop my The Birth: Ultrasound 2 with my single “Popular” which features K Camp and Kato. It’s going to be one of the most talked about projects, mixtapes, in hip-hop. Period. That’s really like the most important thing you need to know about.



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