The Strangers: Prey At Night: “If You Enjoy The Horror Genre, Check This One Out”


The Strangers Prey At Night

The sequel to the highly successful predecessor is closing in on us. The Strangers was one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever seen. What made it so damn scary was the fact, it could happen to anyone, anywhere, “just because you were home.” That line alone is scary all on its own. So, to pay homage to these masked strangers and to add a little twist to the “5 Reasons You Should” go see Strangers: Prey At Night this Friday, March 9 I’ve put together the top 5 best masked serial killers in movie history.

Let’s count them down. Now, remember, this is my list and would love to hear what you think or even how/why you disagree with me. Let’s do this! [Be sure to read each reason and grab your exclusive screening passes right now!]

Reason 1: Leather-Face, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leather face has always been a fun look at the masked killer. I mean dude runs around with a chainsaw. He’s never come across anyone he couldn’t walk down with that thing. Both new and old versions of Leather-face were complete opposites, but both followed the same mold as gruesome as possible. He’s for sure one of the best masked killers in the slasher/horror genre.

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