Silk iPhone X Wallet Case – Q Card Case “Wallet Slayer Vo. 2” – “Price, Kick-Stand, 3-Card Storage, High-Grip Textured Sides & Wireless Charging Compatibility Make This A Must-Buy!”


iPhone X Wallet Slayer

Do you need the best protection for your new iPhone X? Trying to avoid cracks and damage? Want to get the most out of your new phone?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on Silk’s new Q Card Case Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 for the iPhone X! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own case!]

Reason 1: The Silk Cases/strong>

The first reason you should buy a new Q Card Case by Silk for your new iPhone X is because of the brand itself. The brand has been around for a few years and has really always come through for your latest device. Whether it was the iPhone 7, the recently released iPhone 8 or now the new iPhone X, Silk doesn’t waste any time and makes sure it has the case ready for you by launch day. Let’s face it, whenever a new phone comes out, you know the worst nightmare is dropping it or getting a crack. Not only do you worry about having to find someone who can fix it but if you’ve already received a phone that is on short supply, you might have to wait weeks, months or even until next year before getting your phone fixed or having to settle for a refurbished/new one. On launch day, Silk came through in the clutch and made its new case available. [Buy yours now from Amazon! CLICK HERE!]

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