Roli’s Seaboard Block: “Create Amazing, Game-Changing Sounds On The Go”


ROLI Seaboard Block

With the holidays officially here, SOHH and lifestyle affiliate getFRUSH have once again teamed up for the annual holiday gift guide of the hottest and coolest gifts! From Cyber Monday (November 27) through December 31, we’re highlighting must-own gadgets, movies, music and awesome present ideas with giveaways and reviews!

Today, check out the top five reasons you gotta get your hands on the newly ROLI’s new music-making Seaboard Block must-have gadget. [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own ROLI device!]

Reason 1: The Comfort Level

The first reason you should consider buying a Seaboard Block this holiday season is because of the comfort level for your fingers. While some music-makers might be used to to the hard metal or plastic on similar devices, the Seaboard Block has a very unique, somewhat soft and squishy feel to its keys. To make things more interesting, you don’t have to rely on the puffed up keys to make tunes and rather find some other melodic sounds in-between your traditional keys. For first-timers or people who want to try out music-making on their own, this is an amazing starting point. Go from left to right and up and down to hear the different tones and beats you’re able to create. The most gentle touch allows you to create some beautiful notes and wide-range of sounds.

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