The Rock’s “Rampage” Movie: “Naomie Harris Takes Her Talents To The Disaster Movie Realm” [WIN TIX TO THE LA RED CARPET PREMIERE]



He’s at it again folks! Dwayne Johnson has yet another movie dropping and the Brahma Bull is taking on some SERIOUS competition this time around. This time around, he is going after a genre which is incredibly tough.

Rampage is a late 80’s arcade game getting it’s shot at breaking the video game turned movie curse. If you’re like me, Mortal Kombat still stands tall as the best video game movie to date, but given the opportunity and the star power of Johnson, could this one put its name in the ring as the best? Here’s Proc’s 5 reasons you should be excited to check out Rampage on April 13th.

Check out each reason and enter to check out the red carpet Los Angeles premiere at Microsoft Theater Wednesday, April 4 at 7 PM PST!

Reason 1: Hardest Working Man In Hollywood

I am pretty sure the only person who is working more than Dwayne Johnson, is his friend Kevin Hart. If you follow Dwayne Johnson on any of his social media accounts, he often refers to himself as a silverback when he’s in the gym. This time, it looks as though his best friend is a silverback and is looking to destroy him and the city he calls home. Can he take down these monsters? Go check out Rampage on April 13th.

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