Reebok’s Original Kamikaze 1 OG Sneakers – “Pay Homage To Shawn Kemp’s Legacy W/ These Fresh Kicks”



Are you a diehard NBA fanatic? Do you think LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are cool but have more respect for the throwback legends? Check out Head of US Classic, Kids and Basketball, Reebok Sean Finucane provide his top five reasons basketball legend Shawn Kemp’s anniversary Kamikaze I are must-have’s!

1. Above The Kemp


The first and biggest reason you should get your hands on a pair of these Kamikaze kicks are because of the legend himself, Shawn Kemp. Kemp, a high flyer who is a cut above the rest, took the NBA to new heights and did it in fashion with the Kamikaze sneakers. Pay homage to his legacy with these fresh kicks.

2. Reebok’s Still Back


You need a pair of Kamikaze I sneakers because you now know Reebok has not slowed down with the new and retro, vintage releases and the pairs will be limited. The brand speaks for itself and there’s a great amount of pride placed into every release bearing the iconic logo. This is Reebok’s first retro release for 2014.

3. The Design Is Sick


The Kamikaze is not just a catchy name. You need a pair of these kicks because they’re going to elevate how much attention you receive on a daily basis. You have the classic black-and-white strips but the Seattle Sonic green splash is also on there. There’s no way you can go out and not have people staring your kicks down. These are classics and the designs stand out. You make the choice…sit in the crowd and look like everyone else or stand up.

4. You Can’t Beat The Price


Let’s face it, you pay for what you get but at $115, you’re paying for what you get and then some. The quality is in the sneakers and the Kamikaze is affordable enough for you to even flirt with the idea of buying an extra pair for emergency situations OR another OG colorway coming soon… Buy these kicks and use the change to pick up some shoe cleaner because these are too precious to scuff up.

5. 20 Years Strong…SINCE 1994


It’s been 20 years since these vintage sneakers really raised the bar in the NBA. Once you put these on, you’re representing a movement all NBA heads remember. Two decades strong, the Kamikaze I OG’s legacy lives on.


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