Reason Clothing – “We’re Responsible For Dressing The Likes Of Justin Bieber, Victor Cruz, DJ Khaled, A-Trak, Miley Cyrus”

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Reason Clothing deck some of the dopest talent in the music industry in their garments. The New York based brand’s Co-Founder, Jon Totaro speaks to SOHH/GetFrush about why you need to be adding Reason to your winter wardrobe.

1. Born + Raised In New York City


Born, raised, and still running the streets of NYC, Reason is a brand that encompasses the downtown vibe found in the Lower East Side. Reason continuously represents the culture and street wear lifestyle of New York City and has their followers dressing like they’re the coolest kids in town.

2. Exclusive Vintage Flagship


Reason has a permanent home on the cusp of the East Village called Reason Outpost. The store’s unique American General Store inspired demeanor is casually cool by nature. The Reason Outpost is ideal for a money conscious customer and stocked with a carefully curated vintage collection under the label, “Outpost Label,” which keeps their customers loyal for a lifetime.

3. For The People, By The People


Nearly a decade ago, the guys (and owners) of Reason, Jon Totaro and Phil Bassis, were just out of high school and influenced by the everyday style they came across within their fashion-dominated city. The guys began this clothing venture in hopes of making some extra cash, as many of us set out to do. “We’ve grown up with this brand. We were sitting in a tiny East Village apartment, in our early 20’s, when we had an idea to make t-shirts for some extra cash. Now, we have our own store, a head to toe apparel brand, and posses the ability to influence trends… It’s crazy how things have changed,” says co-founder Jon DJ PRICE Totaro.

4. Superb Quality at REASONable Prices


Reason Clothing offers customers high quality products at reasonable and honest prices. It is an important aspect of the Reason Clothing brand to offer customers a product that they will not only enjoy, but that will last them a lifetime at an affordable cost.

5. Worn Around Town


Today, some of Reason’s most infamous designs seen around town bear puns of the material world – a sophisticated take on street wear, perfect for both men and women. The born and bred New Yorkers of Reason are responsible for dressing the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Victor Cruz, Rusko, A-Trak, DJ Khaled, and of course, their loyal customers.


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  1. Britzz89

    Doesn’t look like there’s a winner yet for this contest, so I’m still gonna give it a whirl! 1) Reason Clothing mocks the over zealous consumerism culture of America 2) I also love the LES vibe, very independent can do anything feeling. Where gems like this company thrive. You never know what you’ll find wondering down Orchard St. 3) Its a great deal! When a bottle of water costs 3 bucks, wearing Frush threads for a reasonable price is the dream 4) I enjoy supporting entrepreneurs who followed their dreams 5) Creative, new designs that are as much art as they are clothes.

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