Prodigy’s ‘The Most Infamous’ – “A Must For Any Die-Hard Fan”

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Prodigy - The Most Infamous

Prodigy has been hitting it hard on the music scene as of late as we prepare for the upcoming Mobb Deep album. Now the rapper gives us an extensive compilation which covers his solo career with The Most Infamous.

Today, peep Prodigy’s top five reasons why you need to cop a copy of The Most Infamous!
– Nikita Rathod

1. Prodigy’s Handpicked Favorites

These tracks were handpicked by Prodigy as his favorite tracks of all time. If you’re a real Mobb Deep fan, you’re going to love this.

2. Completely Exclusive

This is very exclusive and a must-have. It was important to make something exclusive. “The Most Infamous Player”, a HD prerecorded audio player, is also another exclusive, limited edition collectors item which is available for purchase.

3. Brand New Unreleased Material

The album features unreleased songs. You’re going to hear music that’s never been heard before.

4. Limited Edition CD
The physical CD will be a one-time print run limited edition. In other words, once it’s gone, it’s really gone.

5. Prodigy’s Solo Career In One Record
The tracks span Prodigy’s 20 year career and are a must for any die-hard fan. It’s the capital P!


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