Prodigy & The Alchemist’s “Albert Einstein” “P=MC2” Bonus EP – “It’s Crazy, It’s Like A Collectable”



Prodigy and Alchemist - P=MC2
The release of Albert Einstein in 2013 gave us a huge hip hop collaboration in the form of Prodigy and The Alchemist bringing us a massive record. Back to provide us with a much-needed dose of unreleased music, they now give us a Bonus EP P=MC2.

Today, Prodigy tells you why this EP needs to be a part of your hip hop collection!

1. Fresh New Music

There’s songs that we didn’t use on Albert Einstein, so there’s actually songs that didn’t make it on the album so we’re putting it out now as an EP.

2. The Alchemist = Crazy Production

It’s a “Me and Alchemist” album. It’s my album but Alchemist did all the production. So it’s like, every time I’m working with Al, his production is incredible so I would suggest that fans check out the production on the album. You need to see what Al is doing and how we work together.

3. Collector’s Item Artwork

The artwork, the packaging of it is something collectable, you should have it in your collection. The guy that did the art, his name is Don. I gave him my idea what to do and he just took it to the next level so it’s really like a work of art when you see the cover of it. It’s crazy, it’s like a collectable.

4. Completely Independent Music

It’s independent – Infamous Records, it’s my label, I own it. Since I’ve been home from jail, I started off the label and I’ve been dropping releases on there. So when you buy the EP for Albert Einstein, you’re supporting the label and you are helping my label to become what it is, you are a part of the history of creating a brand.

5. Lyrics of Life’s Lessons

Our fans get to grow with us that have been with us since the beginning, so now you get to see where I am at right now, the time in my life, where I am with my lyrics. Everything I am going through in my life I put it into my music, in my lyrics.


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