Power Season 4 On DVD: “La La’s An Entire Reason To Watch The Whole Season” -Joseph “Tommy” Sikora



Need to get caught up on your “Power” binge-watching? Want to relive the entire “Power” season four again? Could you use a little Kanan, Ghost and Tommy in your life right about now?

Today, check out “Power” star Joseph “Tommy” Sikora give you his top five reasons the new season four Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray is worth buying right now! [Be sure to read each reason and enter to win your own copy!]

Reason 1: Tasha’s Growth

One of the biggest reasons you should buy the new “Power” season four is because you’ll see one of my favorite moments. I loved seeing the breakdown of Tasha as she pretty much breaks down and loses it. She gives a stellar performance.

[There are way more special appearances than you can remember…]

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