Power Season 3 Blu-ray: “Watch Major Plot Twists In This Explosive Season Before Season 4 Premieres!”



Do you need something to watch? Are you a huge fan of the “Power” series? Tired of watching bad shows?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy “Power” season three on Blu-ray right now! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own copy!]

Reason 1: The Best Show Out

The first reason you should buy “Power” season three on Blu-ray right now is because it’s the hottest and biggest show on TV right now. The series has easily separated itself from the initial “Empire” comparisons and turned into its own powerhouse. No pun intended. Season three really put the show on a level many other shows could only dream of. Key cast members have evolved and turned into even bigger stars than they already are. Watch the transition and the major plot twists in this explosive season before season four premieres!

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