NCredible Monster Headphones – “They Sound Better Than The Beats By Dre”

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Could your boyfriend or husband use something special for Valentine’s Day? Trying to save a few bucks but show him he deserves nothing but the best?

Today, check out music duo Wonder Bros.’ top five reasons you need a pair of Nick Cannon’s NCredible Monster Headphones today!

1. Can’t Beat The NCredible

Ncredible Monster Headphones

The first reason you should pick these up is because they sound better than the Beats By Dre. You can hear everything in the background and everything with these headphones. -Tool

2. Drop It Like It’s Hot

Ncredible Monster Headphones

The number one reason you should cop the NCredible Headphones is because you can use them to listen to our new single, “Drop It.” That’s the number one reason. It doesn’t matter where you listen to it, you’re going to love it. You’re going to hear everything with these headphones. -Gennis

3. Got It 4 Cheap

Ncredible Monster Headphones

I’m not trying to call out Beats By Dre a lot, but not only do they sound better but they’re cheaper than Beats By Dre. If you can’t afford the Beats By Dre, get the NCredibles. They sound better and they’re cheaper. Use the money to buy “Drop It” on iTunes. -Tool

4. Lightweight

Ncredible Monster Headphones

Another good reason to get these headphones is because they’re light. A lot of times when you have headphones on your head, they get a little heavy. I feel like the NCredible headphones are much lighter when you have them on your head.

5. Bigger Than Black & White

Ncredible Monster Headphones

The last reason is because there’s so many colors to choose from. They have a lot of different colors. For me, Tool, I would have to say my favorite color ir red. Red is shiny and onpoint with it. The Red NCredible headphones are what I rock to. My favorite color, Gennis, is red but my favorite NCredible headphones color is silver. It’s shiny and really dope. -Tool & Gennis


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