Monster Blaster: “I Bring This To Every Music Video Set” –Film Director Gee-Lock



Still tight about what Santa Claus ‘didn’t’ deliver this past Christmas? Need a gift to make up for the one you gave bae? Tired of hearing your favorite new music with distorted sound quality?

Today, check out Monster Products’ affiliate director Gee-Lock and his top five reasons you should buy the hottest Bluetooth speaker available right now – the Monster Blaster! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own from Monster and SOHH/getFRUSH!]

Reason 1: Must Own


The first reason you should buy the Monster Blaster is because me and 51 Designz do a lot of music videos, at least 150 a year, and it allows us to play back the music without having a big stereo system. You can move this around. It’s sleek. It looks like a boom box. It’s real sexy. When you turn it on, it greets you. Like, “We are connected!” Once it’s turned on, the first thing people do around me is look to see where that sound came from. It’s super duper loud. It feels like there’s an entire concert right in your pocket. It’s just a fun, cool and sexy item to have. Everybody wants to hold it. [CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS NOW!]

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