M.O.P.’s “Street Certified EP + 20 Years And Still Gunnin Box Set” – ‘Why Not Grab A Piece Of The Most Incredible Rap Group Ever?’

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Celebrating 20 years of their legacy in hip hop, Billy Danze and Lil Fame aka M.O.P. are back with their new digital EP Street Certified. The EP is a part of their newly announced 20 Years And Still Gunnin Box Set. Complete with t-shirts, sweatbands, autographed posters and much more, this box is every M.O.P. fan’s dream!

Today, M.O.P. give you 5 reasons why their Street Certified EP and ammo box are must-haves! [Make sure to read each reason for a chance to win your own copy and boxset!]

Reason 1: Live Through M.O.P.’s History

For the history and legacy of M.O.P., to be able to get all of that in one package it’s going to be amazing. It’s almost like you are living through the years with us. So even for the younger fans who may or may not know much about M.O.P., you get to go back and catch up with M.O.P. step by step from the beginning to this point right now. [Win your own copy and box set! Keep reading.]

Reason 2: The Dopest Collectables


    1. NativeNewYorker

      Exactly. They haven’t changed a bit. Typical Brownsville/New York goon music. People slept on they last two projects. Foundation & Sparta. They were good.

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