Live From SXSW – Lil Debbie: “I Have A Flashy Grill & A Gold Tooth, Who Wouldn’t Want To Mob W/ Me?”

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It’s South By Southwest Week on getFRUSH/SOHH! In honor of this week’s non-stop music festivities going down in Austin, Texas, we’re bringing you the hottest acts performing at the biggest festival of the year.

Today, Married to the Mob and SOHH/getFRUSH present… West Coast rapper Lil Debbie giving you her top five reasons she’s worth checking out! [Pre-order Lil Debbie’s California Sweetheart EP now!]

1. I’m From The Bay

My style and music have been influenced by the culture and my experiences in the Bay. The Bay hardened me. People who had influence on me were a lot of Bay Area artists like Mac Dre, The Jacka, J. Stalin.

2. I’m Funny


3. I Have A Unique Style

I consider myself a lifestyle influencer, I love fashion and just recently released my first line with Married to the Mob, inspired by my upcoming album ‘California Sweetheart’ which drops March 25th. My style is based on whatever I’m feeling, some days I want to just wear a tank top, boxers and Jordans and other days, I want to put on a dress. It’s whatever mood I’m in.

4. I Smoke A Lot Of Weed

There’s a marijuana strain dedicated to me from La Brea Collective, which only made sense considering how much money I spend there each week.

5. My Mouth Is So Icy…Literally…LOL


I have a flashy grill and a gold tooth, who wouldn’t want to mob with me?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.59.04 PM

[Pre-order Lil Debbie’s California Sweetheart EP now!]



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  • The Unhealer

    All these female rappers need to just stop rapping and do porn. None of them have anything intellectually stimulating to offer the genre.

    • Jared

      First comment I liked of yours or was that your troll? lol