Joell Ortiz’s ‘House Slippers’ – “People Will Definitely Find Out Some More About Joell”



After a three-year break from his solo work, Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz is back with his new album House Slippers and he is bursting to get us updated.

Today, Joell Ortiz gives you his top 5 reasons why House Slippers is no doubt a necessary purchase for your collection! [Make sure to read each reason for a chance to win your own copy!]

Reason 1: 100% Honest

The first reason is because it’s honest and I think honesty goes a long way. People can identify with somebody when they’re telling the truth, when things aren’t fabricated or made up or gimmick-like. It’s just pure, and this album of mine is that. People will definitely find out some more about Joell. People will see some growth in me as a person and people will enjoy discovering some new things about me. [Win your own copy! Keep reading.]

Reason 2: Dedicated To The Hip Hop Nerd

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