J-Hood’s “Voice Of A God” Mixtape: “Get Lost In The Gritty NY Raps & Feel Why The City’s Back”

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Voice of a God

Do you need some new music in your life? Tired of hearing the same bars? Need a legit hip-hop beast in your audio stash?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should stream/download J-Hood’s new “Voice of a God” mixtape right now! [Make sure to read each reason to listen to your own copy from SOHH/getFRUSH.com!]

Reason 1: Where The Hood At?

The first reason you should download/stream J-Hood’s “Voice of a God” mixtape is because it’s J-Hood! Let’s face it, he’s a legit hip-hop veteran at this stage of his career. We all remember his D-Block/The LOX days and how he really had to grind it out to gain some shine with the rap trio. J-Hood’s name still rings bells and demands respect when you think about what he does on the microphone. Hood is reminding us he hasn’t gone anywhere.

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