Issa Gold’s ‘Conversations W/ A Butterfly’ EP – “While We Wait For Fabolous To Drop, Enjoy This BK Gem”




Are you tired of dropping money on bad music? Do you need a soundtrack to your week? Ready to kick back and zone out?

Today, check out the top five reasons you need to get your hands on Issa Gold’s new Conversations With A Butterfly EP! [Make sure to read each reason to download your copy!]

Reason 1: Free-99

Let’s not act like we’re not all trying to save a few bucks this summer. With so many things going down like new blockbuster flicks, hanging out at the bowling alley with friends and just living like YOLO-style, appreciate the fact you can upgrade your music stash for absolutely nothing more than a click.

[Download you own copy! Keep reading.]

Reason 2: The Underachievers

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