Ibattz Mojo Vogue BattStation Portable Charger

The winter holidays are officially here and SOHH/GetFrush are saving you time by dishing out the top presents you gotta get your hands on. From must-have gadgets, audio swag, new music, fresh gear and more, we have you covered! Today, peep the top five reasons you need to hook everyone you know up with ibattz’s Mojo Vogue BattStation portable charger!

1. You Always Need To Be Connected

Vogue BattStation 5600_Family_hr

In our device-driven world, battery power is something that any smartphone user cannot live without. While checking your emails, texting your friends and streaming music, running out of battery life is no longer an issue with the Mojo Vogue BattStation, a portable charging unit designed to fit into any pocket or purse. The Mojo Vogue BattStation utilizes a 5600mAh battery, ensuring plenty of spare of power while on the go.

2. You Prefer Your Devices To Be Colorful

Vogue BattStation 5600--5330_hr (1)

If you are tired of plain black being your only color option for device accessories, the Mojo Vogue BattStation is available in glossy red, glossy white and matte black – meaning there’s a color for everyone on your Christmas list. The trendy design is about the size of a tube of lipstick and is sure to make a statement wherever you and your phone may be.

3. You Don’t Want To Use A Chunky Charging Case

Vogue BattStation 5600--5296_hr

There’s an unlimited amount of battery cases out there for your most-loved devices, but most of them turn your phone into a brick while on. Instead of the added bulk, throw the Mojo Vogue BattStation into your gym bag, purse or pocket and you’ll always have the extra peace of mind, without the extra bulkiness.

4. You Can’t Stand Wimpy Chargers

Vogue BattStation 5600-BLKhr

What’s worse than purchasing a spare charger for your phone or tablet, only to realize that it barley gives your device enough juice to make it through the day? The Vogue BattStation is packed with battery power (5600mAh to be exact) and can easily recharge your smartphone two times or your larger tablet one and half times before needing to be recharged itself. As an added bonus, the Mojo Vogue charger includes a built-in white LED light that can be used as an emergency flashlight when needed.

5. You Don’t Want To Spend Too Much Money

Vogue BattStation 5600-LS2hr

For the amount of power the Mojo Vogue BattStation offers, its price point is a deal! For $49.95 the streamlined charger is guaranteed to keep your devices charged and keep you looking good. To sweeten the deal, the compact unit makes for a perfect stocking stuffer that anyone is sure to find useful.


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