HBO’s Vice Principals: The Complete Series On Digital HD & DVD: “Each Episode Keeps You Interested, Entertained & Engaged W/ The Characters”


Vice Principals Complete Series

“Vice Principals” is quite possibly one of the funniest shows I have seen in a while come through HBO. Danny McBride, aka Kenny Powers, and Walter Goggins star in this very dark comedy centering around the power struggle between two vice principals vying for the job of recently retired principal played by Bill Murray.

Everything following is pure comedy genius. Going to be honest with you though, depending on your sense of humor, this series may not be for everyone. Just go in forewarned. Even with that, I LOVED this show. I only wish it was another season or two.

I get it though, you want to get out while you’re ahead, ‘either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.’ Here are the top five reasons you should get out and make “Vice Principals” part of your collection when it comes out Tuesday, April 10.

Reason 1: Danny McBride’s Creation

Danny McBride may be typecast for a lot of the same characters, but he delivers in an way similar to Kenny Powers did for Eastbound and Down. McBride had his hand in a lot of the writing, producing and even directing with this series. His vision for comedy is different than anything we are used to seeing on television. It is a testament to him and HBO wanting to push the envelope in what we are meant to find funny. It works in the best possible way.

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