Grow House On Digital HD/DVD: “This Is The How High Sequel We Never Got W/ DeRay Davis & Lil Duval”


Grow House DVD

Bored with the new flicks coming out? Need some laughter in your life? Are you a huge fan of weed comedies?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on the new Grow House movie on Digital HD and DVD right now! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your very own Grow House copy!]

Reason 1: The Comedy Duo

The first reason you should buy the newly released Grow House on Digital HD and/or DVD is because of comedy veterans Lil Duval and DeRay Davis. From start until finish, these two will have you in tears laughing it up with their non-stop comedy from witty jokes, physical humor and everything in-between. This is the How High sequel we never got with DeRay Davis and Lil Duval leading the way! These two are comedy geniuses and while we know them for their own solo acts, combining them delivers 96 minutes of straight up hilarious laughter.

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