Goodwood x Stalley iPhone Case – “Support The Culture, The Movement & What I’m Trying To Do”



Following the success of Stalley’s sold out beard pick with Brooklyn-based GoodwoodNYC, today their forces unite again for Stalley’s new iPhone case. Today, Maybach Music Group’s own Stalley gives his top five reasons this case is a must have!

1. Good Wood


One reason you should buy my new case is because it’s quality product. That’s the first reason. It’s quality product.

2. Double Up


The second reason you should buy the new case is because it’s a Stalley and Goodwood collaboration. When I say Stalley and Goodwood collaboration, I mean that’s two brands that represent quality and represent just putting out good product. They’ve been behind me since day one.

3. It’s All About Me


You gotta get this case because of my face being on there. For the third reason, we’re going to say it’s because of Stalley, the logo. It represents me and it represents everyone who has supported me and has supported me from day one. It gives you a piece of me to walk around with. People spend the most time on the phone. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t put their phone down. So to have me that close to you, all the ladies make sure to have that close to you.

4. Protect Ya Goods


Protection. This case is going to protect your phone. Not only is it good quality, not only does it look nice, but it’s definitely durable, it’s definitely going to protect those $600 and $700 phones and keep them in tact.

5. The Movement Continues


The last reason is support. Support me, support the culture, support the movement, support what I’m trying to do and that’s just trying to give back and put out good, quality music and have quality artwork, logos and just pieces that you can have forever. That goes down from the phone cases to the hair picks that we’ve done to the t-shirts. It’s always quality and it’s something that I’m always trying to give back. It’s affordable for my fans.


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