FRUSH Exclusive – The Ollin’s Drew Curry On Company’s Overnight Growth – “It’s More About The Style Than The Age For Us”



[After dishing out his top five reasons SOHH/getFRUSH readers should buy his The Ollin clothing, brand founder Drew Curry reflects on the company’s seemingly overnight growth spurt.]

I think my tastes were growing but also I think my vision was changing where what I originally thought I could do, making t-shirts, seemed like a big project, starting a business, making a product, trying to sell a product. That was a lot. I believe I was 18 at the time. I’m 22 now. It seemed like a lot.

Part of it was the vision expanding of thinking, “I could do something more.” But also my tastes changing – “What do I want to wear? I don’t want to just wear t-shirts. I want to wear button-ups.” I wanted to do a coat and pants and the vision is much more than what you see here. This is just the next step.

It was about my taste changing and finding the inspiration. I was learning more about the industry and growing up. It was a mixture of the environment.

I think the goal for every brand is to have as many as people and all age ranges. We do have women styles and women that wear our stuff, but the age range is really anywhere from 16, 17, 18 up to 30-35. It kind of is based on the style of what people wear.

You find a lot of older men that have the style and could wear something like The Ollin and then you find a lot of younger guys that don’t have the style.

It’s more about the style than the age for us.

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Stay tuned for more updates from Drew on his upcoming spring The Ollin launch!

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