FIIL CANVIIS Headphones: “This Is A Masterpiece On Your Ears & Pushes Technology Well Beyond 2018”


FIIL Canvis Headphones

With the holidays officially here, SOHH and lifestyle affiliate getFRUSH have once again teamed up for the annual holiday gift guide of the hottest and coolest gifts! From Cyber Monday (November 27) through December 31, we’re highlighting must-own gadgets, movies, music and awesome present ideas with giveaways and reviews!

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy a pair of FIIL CANVIIS Headphones [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own headphones!]

Reason 1: The Best Headphones – EVER

The first reason you should get your hands on a pair of audio powerhouse FIIL’s CANVIIS Headphones is because these are simply the most artistic and well-made headphones you’ll ever experience. Simply said – this is a masterpiece on your ears and pushes technology well beyond 2018. While it’s no secret the headphones market continues to get more competitive, it’s important to put time and focus into quality over a celebrity co-sign or TMZ spotting. The FIIL CANVIiS Headphones are not only beautifully made but pack even more punch with its technology. Some of the most fun not only comes through what you’re listening to but instead the customization features available – but more about that in the other reasons. The moment you open up these headphones – as seen in the video above – you feel like you’re opening a piece of technical brilliance from the signature FIIL touches throughout the packaging to every crevice of the black or white headphones (all depending on which pair you ultimately go with). This is pure mastery. [WANNA BUY YOURS NOW? CLICK HERE!]

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