Fanstereo’s Fanwipes For Headphones & Speakers: “Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Diddy & Fat Joe Use This Go-To Wipe Pack”



Tired of having scuffed-looking headphones? Hate having dusty headsets? Want your headphones to have that drip?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should get your hands on Fanstereo and Swift Kicks’ new Fanwipes for speakers and headphones! [Make sure to check out each reason and enter to win your own pack!]

Reason 1: Super Convenient

The first reason you should buy a pack of Fanstereo and Swift Kicks new collaborative effort, Fanwipes, is because of the convenience of these packages. For starters, there’s nothing worse than having to carry around containers of wet wipes or big packages when you are trying to run and gun to your favorite places. And let’s face it, we’re living in times where you’re more likely to forget your wallet before forgetting your headphones. They’re practically fashion accessories in 2018 and these Fanwipes are must-have’s if you’re about that headphones life. Each pack comes with 14 wipes which is more than enough to get you through a solid few weeks before needing to freshen up and reload with another pack. These packages fit directly into your pockets but if you are constantly tossing things into your book bag, gym bag or purse, these are the perfect fit. Lightweight and easily accessible. [BUY YOUR PACK RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE!]

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