Early Man: “Scoop Up The Family & Check This One Out” [Grab Your NY, LA, CHI & More Tix Now!]


Early Man

Ready to head out? Need a dope movie to see with the family? Bored with what’s in theaters right now?

So, you forgot to get early tickets to Black Panther, it’s not the end of the world. Although, SHAME! Nah, it’s okay, trust me. There are other movies you can take your family to see. Early Man is just the movie to satisfy the urge for a good family film. This one looks like it could be a fantastic one for the kids, Wallace and Gromit styles. Here are five reasons you should get out to see Early Man when it comes out Friday, February 16! [Make sure to read each reason and check out an early screening in select cities!]

Reason 1: Claymation

Whenever I see a film is made in claymation, it always catches my attention. It’s something about the time, effort and patience it requires to make a movie. Claymation has produced some classics like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer all the way to The Nightmare Before Christmas. This one looks like it could head the route of a Wallace and Gromit type fan base, just a gem. Give it a chance.

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