Live From SXSW – DJ Paul & Gangsta Boo: “Be In The Presence Of The First Lady Of Three 6 Mafia”

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It’s South By Southwest Week on getFRUSH/SOHH! In honor of this week’s non-stop music festivities going down in Austin, Texas, we’re bringing you the hottest acts performing at the biggest festival of the year.

Today, GoodWood NY and SOHH/getFRUSH present… Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo giving you their top five reasons they’re worth checking out!

1. And The Story Goes…


You should check us out because hip-hop wouldn’t have the sound it has had since the mid-90′s if it wasn’t for me. We’ve made more CDs and put out more music than any other rap artist in the world. We’re entreprenuers. We’ve done everything and doing everything. We got a clothing line, got a barbeque sauce out, we got real estate companies out, management company, five or six record labels, television shows, we’ve produced moves, we’ve did stuff that no one else has thought to do. The only person that’s done as much in the rap business is Master P. -DJ Paul

2. Respect Her Gangsta


I’m a living legend. That’s number one. I had been kind of coasting my relevance for the past few years. Last year I had one of the hottest female mixtapes called It’s Game Involved. Before that, I hadn’t even dropped a mixtape for about three years. People loved it. Now I’m back with the group and we will tour. -Gangsta Boo

3. Put On For My Crowds


I put a lot into my shows. I take a lot of pride in myself as a performer. I’m hardly ever out of breath. I’m just a seasoned performer. At SXSW, you’re going to see me perform some of my classic sh*t. -Gangsta Boo

4. My Presence Is Charity


I’m a rare performer. I put a lot of energy into my performances. I’m from the land of crunk music. We do that get buck, Memphis sh*t. You can be in the presence of the first lady of Three 6 Mafia. I stay busy and people pay to see me. This will be a real good look at South By Southwest. -Gangsta Boo

5. Go Hard Or Go Home


We got the hardest beats ever! We created the whole club fight music, the head-busting sh*t. -DJ Paul



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