DJ Drama & Cosmic Kev’s Spade-O Unchained: “I Got A Track Featuring Meek Mill & It’s Just Fire”


Do you miss the Philadelphia hip-hop scene? Are you a real hip-hop head? Could your music stash use an upgrade for Free-99? Today, Philadelphia rap veteran Spade-O gives you his top five reasons the new Spade-O Unchained mixtape is a must-have!

1. Represent The Real Hip-Hop


The first reason you need this mixtape is because it’s an ode to that old vintage hip-hop. For those who are tired of what you’re hearing now on the radio, this is your music right here. I want to maintain my music integrity. It’s nothing worse than seeing veteran artists trying to be like kids.

2. The Wait Is Over


This is the first time you’re going to hear Spade-O original music in over 11 years. It’s long overdue. It felt great. Every time I step into the booth, it feels surreal. There was a time when I thought I might not be able to do this anymore. So it’s almost surreal to me.

3. Brotherly Love


I got a track on here called “For The Love” featuring Meek Mill and it’s just pure fire. Enough said about that. I got a track on here called “Hard Times” with Freeway and it’s really that hard, gritty, Philly flow. Those are some of my favorites. Me and Freeway have known each other forever. That was just a natural fit. Me and Meek built a relationship before I went to prison. He’s really helped guide me through how the industry is now because when I came home it was a shock to see how things were.

4. The People’s Champ


My fourth biggest reason is because I made this music not just for me but to show people who have supported me that I’m still around for them. I owe this not just to them but to the city that gave me everything. When I was incarcerated, I really didn’t have any intention of coming home and doing music anymore. The outreach from the people is what kept me motivated.

5. Hot & Ready


Point, blank, period, this is going to be the hottest sh*t that’s come out this year. Cut and dry.