Den Of Thieves On Digital HD & Blu-Ray: “We Kept It Fun”



Are you always trying to expand your movie stash? Need to rack up a few extra flicks to the collection? Could you use an all-out action-packed Hollywood blockbuster in your life?

Today, check out Den of Thieves director Christian Gudegast‘s top five reasons you should add the new must-see movie to your stash right now!

Reason 1: The Director’s Commentary

The first reason you should buy Den of Thieves is because of the director’s commentary feature. We kept it fun and basically told stories about every scene and the production. We spoke on things like what went wrong that day and there was a lot of crazy sh*t that went down. We talked about all of that and I think people will enjoy it quite a bit and there’s some really funny stuff and interesting stories on there. It gives you a really good glimpse into the movie.

[The cast really dedicated themselves…]

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