De La Soul x BitTorrent’s ‘Smell the DA.I.S.Y’ Bundle : “This Is Dedicated To The Life & Work Of J Dilla”

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Are you a fan of the classics? Could your music playlist use some vintage tunes with a modern vibe? When is the last time you paid your respect to the late J Dilla?

Today, peep the BitTorrent Team’s top five reason you need to check out the new De La Soul x BitTorrent: Smell the DA.I.S.Y mixtape! Make sure to read each reason this is a must-have to download your own free copy!

Reason 1: Respect The Classics

You need this because it’s De La Soul. These are the guys who revolutionized New York hip-hop, and reinvented the art of sampling. [Keep reading to get your own copy!]

Reason 2: Long Time Coming

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