David Oyelowo’s Gringo: “This Is Going To Be All Sorts Of Crazy Antics From Start To Finish!” [Grab Screening Passes Now!]



Tired of staying inside? Need a reason to head out? Need a back-up movie with Black Panther still sold out everywhere?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should head out and watch David Oyelowo‘s new Gringo movie when it arrives in theaters Friday, March 9. [Be sure to read each reason and grab your Los Angeles and Atlanta screening passes right now!]

Reason 1: The Laugh Factor

The first reason you should go out and watch Gringo when it hits theaters Friday, March 9 is because of the humor element. Just from the trailer alone you can tell you’re going to be in for some laughs. A bit dark comedy and a bit of straight up wild antics, this film looks like it has the makings of a silly but fun until the credits roll up type of vibe to it. With superhero movies ready to once again dominate the entire late spring and all summer, it’s refreshing to take a mental break from the purple blasts and flying machines and go with something a little bit more down to earth and very modern day.

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