Dave East’s ‘Black Rose’ Mixtape – “Harlem Rap Is Really Back On The Rise W/ This!”

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Could you use some new music in your life? Tired of dropping money on new albums and they don’t live up to the hype? Wanna get some new tunes for the weekend?

Today, check out the top five reasons New York rapper Dave East’s new Black Rose mixtape is must-have material! [Make sure to read each reason to download your copy!]

Reason 1: Harlem On The Rise

If there’s ever been a time when Harlem needed some comeback champs, it’s today. We’ve seen Dipset coming back together, Dame Dash doing more media and press, A$AP Rocky blowing up and now Harlem’s own Dave East is ready to make people remember his name. Harlem rap is really back on the rise with this!

[Download you own copy! Keep reading.]

Reason 2: The Usual Suspects

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