The Darkest Minds: “Fun From The Start Through The Finish!” [Grab Exclusive Movie Passes Now!]


The Darkest Minds

Are you still waiting on that huge movie blockbuster? Need a reason to get out for a new flick? Trying to secure a few more summer goals before fall creeps up?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go see The Darkest Minds when it arrives in theaters Friday, August 3 and grab exclusive screening passes! [Check out each reason and grab your free pre-release movie passes in select cities!]

Reason 1: Kids Are Kind Of A Big Deal

The first reason you should go out and see The Darkest Minds when it finally arrives in theaters Friday is because it’s all about kids in 2018. Actually, these past few years have made the jump from vampires to zombies to now kids running the show pretty flawless. As you’ll notice, every few years there’s a certain genre or central theme going on in TV and movies – sometimes even video games – and it really takes over. Think about Twilight and True Blood during the vampires popularity. How about Walking Dead, Call of Duty’s zombies mode? Now it’s all about the kids – think about last year’s huge It blockbuster remake or even the must-binge Netflix series “Stranger Things” which even has Drake sucked in. Right now movies and TV shows with kids having special powers is a must with The Darkest Minds looking ready to set a serious tone evening out the summer.

[Thrill rides anyone…]

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