Dame Dash’s Honor Up On Digital HD & Blu-ray: “Murda Mook, Stacey Dash, Cam’ron, Smoke DZA & More Light Up The Screen”


Honor Up Blu-ray

Tired of watching the same movies? Do you miss those old State Property and Paper Soldiers flicks? Want to see some of your favorite New York rappers flexing their acting skills?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy Damon “Dame” Dash’s new Honor Up movie when it arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Tuesday, April 17. [Make sure to check out each reason and enter to win your own copy!)

Reason 1: Harlem’s Finest

The first reason you should buy Honor Up when it officially comes out on Tuesday, April 17 is because it has some of the most legendary and modern Harlem hip-hop artists of all time. Notably, Cam’ron and Smoke DZA really play their roles to the core and provide plenty of in-film references and expressions to remind you of their hip-hop personals. Whether it’s a casual “Riiggggght” throughout the movie or a Dipset hat popping up, you can feel their presence both on-screen and their nods to their off-screen personas. The most impressive and biggest Harlem personality you’ll love in here is Damon “Dame” Dash who plays the role of OG and really cements a lot of his real-life philosophies into the film – from hustling for your last name and not your first to the importance of honor in a snitch-filled society.

[There is a strong sense of Harlem, New York on here…]

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