Daddy’s Home 2 New Trailer: 5 Key Takeaways


Daddy's Home 2

[With summer coming to a quick end, it’s only a matter of weeks before the holiday shopping season starts up and the Christmas movies arrive – especially the long-awaited sequel to 2015’s Daddy’s Home. Peep below for the new Daddy’s Home 2 trailer and our Top 5 key takeaways!]

What better way to kick-off a bada** sequel than with a bada** like Mel Gibson?

Battle of the dads!

Save the date – November will never be the same.

Picking up where Daddy’s Home ended, the legendary WWE star John Cena flexes his acting chops.

Too much is going on in this scene between Mel Gibson and John Cena – rest assured this flick has holidays written all over it.

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