Curren$y’s “The Owners Manual” EP: “It’s As Therapeutic As A Full Body Massage”


Curren$y The Owners Manual

Do you need some new music? Tired of hearing the same raps? Want to upgrade your audio stash right now?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should stream/download Curren$y’s new The Owners Manual EP right now! [Make sure to read each reason to listen to your own copy from SOHH/!]

Reason 1: You Gotta Love It

The first reason you should download/stream Curren$y’s “The Owners Manual” is because you gotta love what Spitta is doing. He recently put out his “Canal Street Confidential” album and is not slowing down with this new release. Curren$y is keeping it short and simple with his new EP but making sure every track is a heavy hitter. If you are a fan of the Jet Life movement, Spitta impresses on the opening track, “Table of Contents.” It’s a very chilled, slow burn which gets you ready for what he has to deliver. Let this audio magic fill your ears.

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