CoZone Adult Onesie: “Still Searching For The Perfect V-Day Gift, This Just Might Be It!”

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Comfort is IN, and the adult onesie trend is just beginning to take off in the mainstream. Way beyond the old school footie pajamas, the adult onesie is not only comfortable when you’re relaxing, it’s functional enough to go out with you. When it comes to adult onesies, nothing outperforms the CoZone® Hooded Jumpsuit, complete with butt flap!

If you’re still searching for the perfect Valentine’s day gift, this just might be it! They’re even running a sale until 2/13 that gives 30% OFF, Free Shipping, AND will include a free V-Day card with purchase, saving you a trip to get the card, even if you’ve found the perfect gift online. Not only that, but SOHH readers get an extra 5% off by using the promo code “SOHH15” at checkout.
Why should you buy it? SOHH/getFRUSH presents this edition of 5 Reasons!

Reason 1: The Butt Flap!


When you wear an adult onesie without a butt flap, you’re volunteering to drop a deuce completely naked with your clothes mostly touching the floor…nasty. Not with the CoZone! We’ve put more thought into the design of our Butt Flap than any other feature of the CoZone.

a. Unique curved zipper design means when it’s closed, it’s closed, and not bunching or uncomfortable when sitting or lying like a flap using Velcro or buttons.

b. A cover at the top side of the zipper means from a distance, it just looks like pockets, and it’s only with close examination that it is clearly a butt flap.

[Want to own your own CoZone? Keep reading.]

Reason 2: Pockets In All The Right Places


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