Chinx’s YAY Apparel – “Stay In-Tune To What The Streets Are Saying Is Hot Right Now”


YAY Apparel

Do you need some fresh gear? Are you a hip-hop head? Want to pay homage to late hip-hop pioneer Chinx?

Today, check out Chinx’s manager Biggs’ top five reasons you should support the hip-hop artist’s YAY Apparel clothing line. [Be sure to read each reason to enter to win your own YAY Apparel gear!]

Reason 1: YAY YAY


The first reason you should buy YAY is because it’s just like it states, 100 percent pure. It’s an urban brand of streetwear that’s made for and by urban consumers. It’s something we started with Chinx as a tagline and it’s fresh. It’s something that hasn’t been watered down. It has his stamp on it because it’s not manufactured through big corporations. It’s the little guys, the underdogs. That would be the first reason.

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Reason 2: Functionality

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